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Madison Fencing Academy Services and Fees, as of September 2021

Annual Membership

Annual memberships give you access to our facilities and equipment for one year from the day you join, eliminating nightly floor fees. Also, members may buy lessons at a discount, getting ten for the price of nine. Cost: $700


Nightly Floor Fee

Beginners, fencers who travel, and those who are just trying the sport may want to pay on a night by night basis. The Floor Fee buys access to our facilities and strip equipment (not personal fencing gear such as uniforms) for one evening.  If you're a guest taking a lesson, the floor fee will remain the same as the day we opened in 2004 at $10. If a guest comes in to fence without a lesson their floor fee will be $20.



Private Lessons

Private lessons are the best way to learn the sport of fencing. One coach working with one fencer provides the best return on your investment of money, time, effort, and energy. A proper fencing lesson allows the coach to make immediate and insightful corrections to form, balance, alignment, and technique. 


Lesson fees

  • Head Coach Michael Garrison: all lessons are $40

  • Assistant Coach Brian Duckwitz: $40 per epee lesson, $30 for foil and sabre lessons

  • Assistance Coach Nick Cahill: $30 for all lessons


Members may buy lessons at a discount, getting ten for the price of nine. 



Fencing and Coaching Clinics

Our coaches have conducted both coaching and fencing clinics for clubs, school teams, rec. sports centers, and the like. We can design a program that fits your budget and meets your needs. Cost: Varies with clinic design and distance.



Fencing Demonstrations

One of our favorite activities, Fencing Demonstrations can showcase this great sport to your classroom, scout troupe, or camp. Our Head Coach, Michael Garrison, has delivered demonstrations for small classes of twenty students to huge assemblies of six hundred. Please contact Mike directly for more information and pricing.


Tournament Support

Having your coach attend a tournament with you can offer a substantial advantage. Your coach can assist you with warming up, stretching, pre-bout analysis, competitor analysis, strip-side assistance, and perhaps most importantly, managing and maintaining proper expectations and perspective. Please talk to Mike Garrison about Tournament Support.






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