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Madison Fencing Academy Covid-19 policies



The Madison Fencing Academy is welcoming only fully vaccinated and boosted people.


We require proof of your vaccination status BEFORE you arrive.

Please send a picture of your covid vaccination card to Mike Garrison ( or log in to the Wisconsin Immunization Registry, pull up your vaccination page and send Mike a link to, or a screenshot of, that page.


What about masks?

Wearing a mask while at the MFA is optional. We have masks for everyone as well as hand sanitizer for your frequent use.

We clean our gear every night with all purpose cleaner and bleach-based wipes.

We clean the tables, seats, and water fountains each night.


If you're sick, with any symptoms...

Stay home. Don't try to parse your symptoms into covid and non-covid clusters. Just stay home if you're sick.


What if you're exposed to a covid-positive person, but have no symptoms yourself?

  1. Take a rapid antigen test. If it's positive, you most likely have covid.

  2. Follow this up with a PCR test, preferably immediately. Most clinics, schools, and testing sites will have both on hand. If the PCR tests is positive as well, you definitely have covid.

  3. If these tests are negative, you most likely don't have covid and you're welcome to return to the MFA.


What if you have symptoms, or you test positive for covid?

  1. Unless you're in substantial respiratory distress, stay home and isolate as completely as possible.

  2. Treat your symptoms with Advil or Tylenol, or whatever works for you. Rest. Push fluids. You want to give your body the time and the environment necessary to mount a strong immune response to the virus.

  3. You can return to the MFA when at least 5 days have passed since your symptoms have resolved, AND you've had a negative rapid antigen test.

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