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The saber is the descendant of the cavalry sword and is the only fencing weapon that allows touches to be scored with the edge (cutting) as well as the tip (thrusting). Points are scored on the target area shown here in red.  

Sabre target, in red

Modern Fencing Weapons

Parry five, sabre
Counter attack, epee


The descendant of the dueling sword, the epee (pronounced "EPP-pay") is similar in length to the foil, but substantially heavier and much stiffer. Points are scored with the tip only and the entire body, shown here in red, is valid target. 

Epee target, in red
Compound attack, foil


The foil is the descendant of the light court or training sword. Points are scored with the tip of the blade and must land on the torso, shown here in red.

Foil target, in red
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